Medium of instruction and communication opted for its strictly English. The academic programme is set to be in line with the common syllabi of TN Govt. from I-XII Stds. Trio-Lingual formulae.

A gift will be given to the top scorer in the 10th Std and 12th Std.

Normal working days will be from Monday to Friday. Total number of working days are 220. Saturday will be a working day if the management finds any shortfall in the number of working days. The Academic year of the school commences from the first week of June and ends by the middle of April. The School closes for holidays, after quarterly examinations during the fourth week of September snd for ‘X’ mas holidays after the half yearly examination and re-opens in January.

Holidays declared by the Tamil Nadu Educational Department in addition to half yearly and quarterly holidays.

To provide high standards of education and to develop a close interaction between the teacher and the pupil the Teacher pupil ratio is maintained at 1:30.

Qualified faculty members with specialized training and proven record of excellence are appointed as teaching staff.

The School van covers almost all areas of Tirunelveli at present. A student, who enrolls his/her name for the school Transport has to use the school van through out the academic year. Bus stops are fixed after thorough survey of the situation and easy coverage from both ends. Request for change will not be considered unless there is valid ground. It is obligatory on the part of the student to pay the van fees full in advance once enrolled whether he or she avails it or not.

The School has enlisted the services of a Medical Officer for periodical medical check-ups. First Aid and attention to minor ailments at school will be extended by a qualified nurse and the school will maintain a health record of each student. Transport is available during school working hours to meet any emergency.

Private tuition undertaken by the teachers of Our Own Modern Matriculation School is not at all encourages. However in the event of long absence, sickness etc., school students may be allowed to take private tuition with the prior permission from the principal.

Regular periods for games and physical training are provided in the time table, Picnics and education tours are compulsory.


LKG to V Std:

Olive Green colour Trouser. Green colour checked Shirt.

VI to XII:

Olive Green colour Full Pant. Green colour checked Shirt.



Olive Green colour Pinaform. Green colour checked Shirt.

I to V Std:

Olive Green colour Half Skirt in line with knee. Green colour checked Shirt.

VI to XII:

Olive Green colour Shalwar. Green colour checked Kameez & Olive Green Tunic.

For both boys and girls a pair of black shoes and black socks for normal wear. White canvas shoes for physical training period, coffee brown sweater for winter wear if needed. The whole school should be in white uniform for school gatherings and P.T. diaplays on all Mondays. Belt will be provided by the school.

The School welcomes constructive suggestions for the improvement of the quality of education and other activities of the school from parents. Written suggestions may be deposited in the box provided for this purpose.

Adequate provision has been made by the school for supplying prescribed text books, note books and necessary stationery from the school stores at a reasonable price and all the students are expected to make use of the stores.

Registration for admission begins in the second week of April, Registration of names do not guarantee admission. Duly filled in application together with the registration fee will be accepted at the school office during normal working hours. In case of shortage of seats, preference will be given to earlier registration.

New admissions are generally accepted from the first week of June. Entrance tests may be conducted those seeking admissions to preparatory (K.G.) and higher classes. The minimum age for admission into Lower Kinder Garden is three years as on 230th of June.

Following documents are to be produced at the time of admission.

  1. Admission form duly filled in.
  2. Three passports sized photographs of the ward.
  3. One passport sized photograph of the father.
  4. Transfer Certificate from the school last attended and duly attested by the District Education Officer.
  5. Birth Certificate.
  6. Health Card.
  7. Community Certificate.

No new admissions are accepted after 1st December of the academic year.

  1. One Month notice in writing must be given by the parent or Guardian of the pupil who wishes to withdraw from school.
  2. All dues to the date of withdrawal must be paid before the school issues a transfer certificate for which a nominal fee of Rs. 100/- will be collected.

A system of examination based on the principle of continued evaluation of the students is followed. It is compulsory on the part of the students to attend all the examinations. Monthly tests are conducted to assess the progress of each student. In addition to these, examinations will be conducted at the end of each term.

An academic year is divided into three terms as follows:

June to September           ………. First Term

September to December  ………. Second Term

December to April             ………. Third Term

For promotion the marks obtained in all the examinations will be taken into account.

Result once declared is final.

  1. A pupil may avail leave only with prior permission except in unforeseen cases. In such an eventuality they are to ensure that the leave application reaches the office or the class teacher on the first day of absence.
  2. All leave applications exceeding two days are to be addressed to the Principal by the pupil’s parent / guardian and applications for a short duration of two days are to be addressed to the class teacher.
  3. Any pupil availing himself of sick leave shall be required to produce a medical certificate.
  4. Absence without leave letter and late coming shall be considered as a punishable offence. Habitual late-comers shall not be allowed to attend school. Any instance of truancy will be severely dealt with.
  5. Pupils requiring leave during any part of the day, whatever be the reason will have to obtain the principal’s permission in person.
  6. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect to work cheating in examination, disobedience or disrespect to members of the staff or bad moral influence upon other children all justify dismissal from the school.
  7. Pupils who come late habitually will be disqualified and not allowed to remain in the registers.
  8. No books or magazines, play things or cell phones may be brought to the school or circulated among the students without the permission of the principal.
  9. Pupils, in their own interest, are expected to attended school in neat and smart turnout in full school uniform with clean nails, well combed hair and clean shoes. Anything short of this will not be entertained.
  10. The pupils are expected to co-operate in keeping the premises of the school neat and tidy. They should refrain from scribbling on the wall and scattering bits of paper. Any objectionable practices like damaging the furniture, and other school property will be viewed very seriously.
  11. Perfect silence during the morning assembly and at all public functions shall he maintained. The classes shall be in the places assigned to them for morning assembly as soon as the attendance is over.
  12. The students are forbidden from entering other class rooms outside class hours.
  13. If a student loses a library book she/he must replace the same book and if that is not possible, another book by the same author.
  14. Presents to members of the staff by pupils and parents or guardians is not allowed.
  15. The school cannot make itself responsible for books, money, fountain pens, tiffin carriers and other articles that are lost. PUPILS MUST LOOK AFTER THEIR OWN THINGS. It is not advisable for students to have much money or expensive jewelery and ornaments on their person.
  16. Each and every pupil should endeavour to keep up the high tone of the school by excelling in good manners.
  17. Any pupil found loitering in the school premises shall be seriously dealt with.
    • Periodical Progress Report, shall be sent to parents or guardians to appraise them of the pupil’s regularity, conduct and work at school.
    • Reports must be returned to the school immediately, duly signed by the parent or guardian.
    • Any pupil who does not return the progress report within two days duly signed by the parent or guardian, shall not be allowed to attend the class.
    • Any pupil who tempers with the progress report or guilty of any other kind of malpractice in this connection is liable to severe disciplinary action.
    • A pupil who fails consecutively twice in the same standard is liable to be asked to leave the school.
    • Any parent wishing to communicate to the school based on the progress report sent to him is requested to make a seperate communication to the school. Parents are advised not to enter any remark in the report card.
  18. Any student caught using unfair means during examination is liable to be summarily removed from the rolls and a transfer certificate will be issued.
  19. Parents are welcome during visiting hours (9.30 to 10.30 a.m. and 3.15 to 4.00 p.m.) to discuss with the principal the progress, behaviour and other problems of their children.
  20. Parents are requested not to contact the teachers directly relating to their children but only through the Principal.
  21. No pupil of the school shall be a member of any external organisation or take part in activities not connected with the school, without obtaining the permission of the Principal.
  22. All are expected to converse only in English while in the school.
  23. With regard to conduct, pupils of the school shall always bear in mind the good name of the institution.